A brand consumers can trust.

One of Duracell's top marketing priorities is communicating this message to current and potential consumers. 

A mix of audience planning, creative and copy development alongside an expertly curated measurement strategy resulted in:

  • 19MM users reached with strategic copy and creative
  • +11pt lift in message association with women, 18-24


In an increasingly competitive beverage industry, understanding how to reach your audience and create a unique identity across a product portfolio has never been more important. 

Using data-driven audience insights and niche creative, a comprehensive media strategy was rolled out, resulting in:

  • 11 product activations with custom creative + copy
  • 26% reach increase against millennials


Understanding brand and sales lift as a Consumer Packaged Goods brand can be difficult. 

Extensive competitor research, industry analysis, and creative testing shaped strategy across 3 different products, resulting in a blended:

  • outperformed 90% of vertical driving ad recall
  • outperformed 50% of vertical driving brand favorability